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Excellent Thorough, Affordable, Building and Pest Inspections Services in Melbourne

Building pest inspections Melbourne’s expert inspect your building in excellent way and provide you a detailed report with you. You will get piece of mind before buying a building in Melbourne.

We have been conducting building and pest inspections in Melbourne for many years servicing all Melbourne suburbs, during this time our building inspections Melbourne reports have been providing an insight for the prospective property owner before purchasing a property.

BPIM’s building inspectors are independent and work only for you, with the building report only for your eyes.

We conduct thorough, high quality building and pest inspections in Melbourne giving you peace of mind progressing further with your property purchase.

Building pest inspection Melbourne reports are emailed within 5 hours of inspection with a phone call at end of inspection informing you condition of property.

Pre-Purchase Building Pest inspections in Melbourne should always be conducted before signing the building contract, never buy a house without a building pest inspection its not worth the risk

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Building and Pest Inspections​

Building and Pest Inspections

Building pest inspections Melbourne independent building inspectors will provide you with a building and pest inspection report detailing the existence of all defects within the property including structural and the existence of termites giving you clarity in progressing further.

Termite Pest Inspections​

Termite Pest Inspections

Termites will cause damage worth thousands of dollars. So, it is very important to inspect the existence if these pests in advance. We use the latest technology including moisture meters and acoustic movement technology, the building pest inspection report will be emailed the same day

Buying A Property At Auction​

Buying A Property At Auction

Conducting a Pre-Auction Building and Pest inspection when you have signed the building contract is extremely important as once you have bought the property it’s too late, you cannot ask for a building and pest inspection clause at an auction.

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  • Experienced & qualified local inspectors- we comply with the Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics
  • In-depth property inspection reports
  • We are registered builders and members of Master Builders
  • Fastest turnaround- inspections are arranged within 24 hours and the report is emailed the same night
  • Unlimited phone support before & after the inspection.
  • Competitive building inspections Melbourne cost
  • Dedicated to providing the best service for our clients
  • Accurate & prompt services
  • Free consultations- If you have any queries, you can call our team at any hour of time
Understand- property inspection is more than a smart idea, it is a requirement to ascertain peace of mind. Getting your residential and commercial properties inspected is an investment that will save you from making an expensive mistake. You can sidestep hassle and save your tens of thousands in repairs with your decision of property inspections in Melbourne



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What our clients say?

BPIM (Building Pest Inspections Melbourne) were very experienced, easy to talk to, and highly professional. We got to walk through the inspection with our inspector and he pointed out everything and explained what the issue was, and how much it could cost down the line. At the end of the day we still received the full report via email which had everything he just said to us written down again. This company was to the point, experienced and very easy to deal with; they also saved us from a couple massive headaches in the future.
Katherine Brodie
Sandra Diacono
Sandra Diacono
Our building pest inspection in Craigieburn conducted by George revealed extensive defects and being registered allowed us to re negotiate the contract price,George was very knowledgeable
Dhruti Keehas
Dhruti Keehas
Thank u
John olivia
John olivia
The building inspection report was thorough and the inspectors knowledge on the building codes were relevant, I was at the inspection and the inspector George went out of his way to explain to me the true condition and his advise did save me money as I was able to renegotiate the contract,as the owner agreed to repair all the defects recorded in the building report,highly recommended
Satya Tharu Chaudhary
Satya Tharu Chaudhary
You have done wonderful job George. Highly recommend to use his service.
Kinjo Tamane
Kinjo Tamane
We recently bought a house in Roxburgh Park and we initially thought it was ok and why pay an extra $500 for a building pest inspections when everything looked fine,we were persuaded by our daughter that i should do it and we were lucky that we did,there were termite defects to the floor joists and the stumps were rotten wich was going to cost us thousands to repair, we eventually bought the property but only because the owner agreed to spend the money to fix all problems which were identified in the report,thanks George you're a lifesaver
Betty De bono
Betty De bono
We conducted a building pest inspection with george and were very happy with there service provided,very knowledgeable with the building requirements ,very patient and more than happy me being at the inspection,highly recommended
Asset Cleanisk
Asset Cleanisk
I would like to thank the people at Building Pest Inspections for there wonderful help during the stressful time we were having with our property purchase,they were great to deal with nothing was a problem and there report was very detailed ,thanks George
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