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Building and Pest Inspections :Everything You Need to Know

Inspections of buildings and for pests are crucial.

It might be exciting or stressful to buy an investment property in Melbourne, which is why it’s crucial to undergo a building and pest inspection. The information you learn along the route is what makes pre-purchase inspections different from pest inspections. Our business has a wealth of experience doing building and pest inspections in Australia, including keeping track of termite activity and delivering a thorough report.

How Much Does a Melbourne Building and Pest Inspection Cost?

For a modest one-bedroom house with several amenities, a building inspector normally charges roughly $299. These building inspectors check for termite damage and provide a thorough report of any issues with the home’s structure.

Large two-bedroom homes can be thoroughly inspected for $300 to $700 by skilled inspectors. Through the evaluation, you are provided with thorough service and quality reports that can assist you in deciding whether the property is a wise investment. The total cost of a three-bedroom property inspection can range from $400 to $699. Building inspections can be time-consuming, but fortunately our pest inspectors are diligent when conducting an evaluation.

What Is Covered in a Report on a Building Inspection?

Pre-purchased pest inspections are carried out in Australia so that prospective buyers can have a visual assessment of the home and identify any problem areas. Please be advised that a pre-purchase building inspection does not address potential problems or significant safety hazards. These pre-purchase examinations can be completed in a single business day and are governed by Australian standards. All real estate agents are covered by professional indemnity, and same-day help is offered to pinpoint any potential problems.

No matter where you are in Melbourne, you can count on receiving excellent customer care from our pest inspections Melbourne department. In order to provide you peace of mind when evaluating your house, our work is protected by professional indemnity insurance. You can decide whether to pay the buying price or not once you get a thorough building inspection or pest report.

Why Are Multiple Stage Inspections Necessary Before a Purchase?

A high-quality or licenced building firm is required to provide thorough reports on the roof’s exterior and any minor flaws that can reduce the home’s value. Entryways are checked for termite infestations or other pests that can prevent people from entering and leaving the residence.

A thorough pest inspection report and a pest control service recommendation can be given to you by the pest inspector, who can also assist you with the issue. Federal regulations governing pre-sale buildings in Australia are mandatory and must be followed. You’ll be relieved to learn that our skilled builder is covered by public liability insurance and is willing to provide you a verbal report before you sign the purchase agreement.


Contact us for a free assessment if the property you wish to buy has roof voids, is a combined building, or needs a thermal sensor to conduct a timber pest inspection.

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