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Building Inspection in Epping is an essential part of the pre-purchase property inspection process. The purpose of building & pest inspections is to assess the following-

Building Pest Inspections Epping

Existence of any visually observed timber damage
The susceptibility of buildings to timber pests and whether further investigations are required
Evidence of timber pests

We call it building and pest inspections in Epping but we are primarily talking about a termite inspection.

Why is Pest and Termite Inspection Important in Epping?

Termites are infamous for being silent destroyers. They eat up a property and make the timber hollow- when the infestations go undetected for years, the structure becomes unlivable. Termites have the potential to quickly destroy a house or cause irreparable damage leading to structural issues within the property.

A building & pest inspection should be undertaken as early as possible before buying a residential or commercial premise- this way, buyers know the condition of the property and can make a sound decision about whether they wish to proceed with the purchase. Silent destroyers can turn your dream home into a nightmare and cause significant structural damage costing you thousands to repair. That’s why a building & pest inspection is so critical before investing your hard-earned money.

You may not know, but AS 3600.2 recommends that a routine inspection for termite management in Epping shall be undertaken annually. Unfortunately, not many people go by this principle which can cause problems with your warranty.

The pre-purchase building and pest inspections in Epping shall include all buildings, including any detached or semi-detached items such as garages, carports, laundry, garden sheds, retaining walls, paths and driveways, steps, fencing and is limited to 30metres from the main building.

The Building Inspection will cover the following:

All interior including the roof space, the subfloor, and the exterior
All timbers in accessible areas shall be inspected including all subfloor timbers, walls, floors, stairs, ceiling joints, ceiling buttons, and roof framing.
All joinery and decorative timbers like doors, door frames, windows and window frames, skirtings, and joinery
All outdoor items including pergolas, patios, balconies, verandas, and sheds, as well as all garden timbers fences, pool surrounds, garden boxes, firewood, paving, and sleepers and trees and stumps.

A termite inspection carried out during the pre-purchase property inspection is a visual inspection only- not an invasive inspection. It is carried out using thermal cameras, moisture meters, and other specialized equipment to detect the presence of crawling pests mainly termites.

You require a Building Inspection or a Building and Pest Inspection in Epping give us a call.

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