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Cracks to walls are unsightly, but they may also be a sign of severe structural issues afoot in a house. So, how do you tell if a small crack will turn into a huge major crack on your lounge room wall as time passes?

The freshly-painted walls you admired in the open-for-inspection may be concealing a possible structural defect or a fracture.

It is vital to understand whether a wall crack is easily repaired with a little bit of strategically placed filler along with some paint or if expensive structural repairs in your house are called for.

Underestimate the seriousness of cracks in walls and you may end up with spending thousands to repair


Wall cracks fall into three major classes:


1/Interior wall cracks for example cracks at the plasterboard or gyprock;

2/Exterior wall cracks like cracks in the brickwork, surface or rendering of walls;

3/Cracks in foundation walls.

Our proficient team of independent property inspection and  pre-purchase building inspection inspectorshave the ability to deal with every affected area because  we no only inspect the property for any structural building defects but we also inspect for termites ,we are registered building practitioners and all our reports comply with the victorian building authority guideline

Termite Building Inspections


Termites have the potential to quickly destroy a house or cause so much damage that it could cause structural issues within the property,a building & pest inspection should be undertaken as early as possible during the buying process,this way the buyer will know the condition of the property and will be able to make a better informed decision whether to proceed with the purchase


AS 3600.2 recommends that a routine inspection for termite management be undertaken annually but unfortunately not many people go by this principle which can cause problems with your warranty


A termite inspection during the building & pest inspection is a visual inspection only and not a invasive inspection,its carried out using thermal cameras, moisture meters and other specialized equipment, however the use of this equipment is beyond the minimum requirements of the Australian Standards


The termites that the report refers to are subterranean and damp wood termites it does not report on dry wood termites or mould.


Building Pest Inspections Melbourne reports are conducted within 24 hours with reports emailed the same day


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