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Caroline Springs Building Inspections

Before you sign your contract, you will need a building inspection/pre-purchase building inspection in Caroline Springs -engage Melbourne’s best building inspection/pre-purchase inspection firms in Caroline Springs, Werribee, and Melton

We are in Caroline Springs, does it matter that your building inspector located where you want the inspection? Absolutely it does, for service and cost as our prices are the best in the western Melbourne suburbs.


  • Investigate safety hazards and major defects
  • Perform a building and pest inspections test identifying the damage caused because of termites
  • Last, we plan your renovation by explaining all the steps to be taken further for the execution.

Thus, after considering all the above attributes our servicemen of independent building inspections Caroline springs focuses upon the structural building inspection factors such as:

  • Structural defects like unsafe wall crack internal and external, rotten defective balustrades and handrails that are insecure and non-compliant to the building code, non-compliant insulation, there are so many factors that require inspection
  • Drainage and subfloor defects to floor joists and bearers.
  • Mould, our moisture meters will pick up any defects to your bathroom walls and termite damage will also be recorded and noted.

Our building inspection will achieve for you a report that complies with the guidelines of the Victorian building authority.

Did you know that building inspections/pre-purchase building inspections is an unregulated industry in Victoria with many inspectors having qualifications of Motor Mechanics rather than building practitioners, BUYER BEWARE

The cost of building inspection in the Western Suburbs which cover areas like Caroline Springs, Sunshine, Melton and St Albans depends on the size of the property to be inspected whether it’s a 2 bedroom,3 bedroom or larger and if a building pest inspection is required.

The building inspection cost of a new home if it’s a final inspection could cost anywhere between $450–$700 dependent on the firm that will do the building inspection.complying with the Victorian building authority

Most independent building inspectors in Melbourne charge approx $550 which in most cases includes GST

If the inspection is for pre-pour concrete inspection of a building frame inspection cost could be between $350 – $400 including GST

When contacting a building inspector to do a pre-purchase building inspection or a pre-auction building inspection which could include termite inspection the cost could be $600 plus

Most costs advertised within websites or social media say FROM so’s the starting price, not the actual price which confuses a lot of clients as when they see $400 they don’t see the word FROM which can be confusing

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