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Living in Frankston for many years I can honestly say that the appeal it has to many young couples with its proximity to the City with the east link, great access to beaches and lifestyle is well founded.


If you’re thinking of taking the property plunge, make sure you contact Building Pest inspections Melbourne as they are the specialists in their field. They conduct thorough building pest inspections in Frankston and all defects whether minor or major are recorded within their building reports. This comprehensive service makes them top selection for accurate pre-purchase building inspections, and other building inspections in the local Frankston area.


prevent termite damage  – Our pest inspections will uncover the presence of termites and other wood-boring insects, so you can stop potential damage before becoming worse.


Combined pest and pre-purchase property inspections are our most popular service provided as well as greatly reducing the price.



We will take care of booking your building and pest inspection with the agent and let you know when the inspection is confirmed with the building reports emailed back to you on the same night


We strive to offer the best local building inspection service possible for those buying an investment property or new home buyers in Frankston.


  • We have a team of well-qualified and expert engineers as well as certified termite inspectors to carry out all the building inspections and pest inspections. Your building inspection will cover structural defects and will be carried out to Australian standard AS 4349-1-2007 and AS 4349.3-2010.


Frankston is located an outer suburb of Melbourne in Victoria, Australia in the local government area of the City of Frankston. It is about 58 km south-east of the Melbourne city center, above the Mornington Peninsula.

Area: 20.8 km²
Postal code: 3199
Population: 36,097 (2016)
Established: 29 May 1854

: City of Frankston

 Range of Services

We not only conduct detailed pre-purchase inspections in Frankston, but also other services as well including


If you are looking to buy a property, then do not sign on the dotted line unless you have had the building inspected from professional just like us.


Call or email us or you can complete an online inquiry form as well to receive a prompt response from our local building inspector.


As a building owner, it is important to make sure that your building is safe and reliable. Of course, there are cases when building may look reliable, but there are certain factors that may affect its credibility from faulty electrical wiring, clogged drainage system as well as leaking water pipes. Click the link for pre purchase building inspections melbourne


With these issues, profits may turn into expenses. In order to eliminate these issues, it is best to opt for the services of reliable building inspection providers. Unfortunately, choosing reliable inspectors can be very hard since some individuals make unexpected mistakes. To avoid these mistakes, below are some of the following.

Non-licensed inspectors


One of the most common mistakes individuals make when choosing a building inspector is choosing non-licensed one. Of course, everyone can learn how to inspect a house, but it is still important that you have an in-depth knowledge about it. This is important to provide better and more reliable services to your clients. Not to mention, non-licensed inspectors may overlook certain factors in your building which can cause unexpected incidents that can affect your profits and your well-being.


Most building pre purchase building inspectors are not registered with the VBA, victorian building authority as the industry is not regulated allowing anyone to call themselves building inspectors, many current pre purchase inspectors are ex car mechanics or accountants, so its imperative to ask your inspector are you registered and to check his credentials with the VBA .

Inadequate inspection skills for your area


The next mistake individuals make when looking for a building inspector is hiring professionals with inadequate inspection skills for your area. Some individuals think building inspection services are all the same. However, these services may vary depending on government requirements. Therefore, by hiring the wrong inspector, building safety may be insufficient.

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