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New Home Report by BPIM

Buying a new home is like a dream come true. All your years of searching and saving is going to pay off , and we understand that you are happy and excited about it. But before jumping to a conclusion that the property is free of defects and all is good sometimes that is not the case as there are always issues with new buildings, it is recommended to get a new home building inspections Melbourne report it will give you vital details about your new home that is worth considering knowing that the issues found are not structural and the minor defects that are present the developer will rectify.

Building and Pest Inspections​

A new home inspection is a process conducted by an experienced building inspector- they provide a report which ascertains whether or not the builder has finished construction according to requirements of the BCA and the Standards and Tolerances. The new home building inspections report highlights any visible defects that may be present at the time of handover.

This is the last opportunity to get all facets of your home approved by home inspection specialists. Get the workmanship of your new home checked by professionals and ensure that it has been completed to an acceptable standard prior to occupation. Building Pest Inspections’Melbourne final new home report will identify and report on all major/minor defects so that you may ask your builder to rectify those issues before handover.

What Does the New Home Report Provide?

Building Pest Inspections’Melbourne new home report reports all minor and major defects or imperfections that currently exist in the property. Our Inspectors are VBA Registered and have years of experience in the building industry. The report is delivered in an easy-to-understand format, and contains photographs and illustrations showing all defects and reporting where they exist.
Once the client has received this new home report they can email it to their builder. The issues spotted in the report can be addressed and rectified by their end and you will get an impeccable property and peace of mind. Also, in the off chance a dispute arises with the builder, you can use your report to facilitate the dispute resolution process through VCAT.

New Home Inspection Checklist- What’s Reported in the New Home Report?

The final handover report is a detailed report covering all items within the house. Our team inspect over 1000 items within the property including-

  • All brickwork and cladding condition as well as the mortar
  • Existence of any blow holes or imperfections of brick faces
  • Roof Frames, insulation, sarking and whether any vents exist
  • If sarking is installed
  • The existence of landing platforms and lighting points in roof space
  • Balconies and stairs
  • Roof cladding, ridges, plumbing penetrations through brickwork
  • Flashings and ridges, guttering and downpipes
  • Rain heads and all fixtures & fittings within the house
  • Plasterwork and ceilings
  • Quality of paintwork
  • All wet areas including bathrooms, laundry as well as toilets
  • All tiling including the grout and sealants
  • All window and doors including handles, window winders, latches, and door handles/locks
  • All architraves and skirtings
  • Flooring
  • Fences as well as all outbuildings

Moreover, kitchen benches, cupboards, splashbacks, shelving, pantry, appliances, the laundry trough, taps, drainage outlets and more are also inspected to help you make an informed decision.

As a new home owner investing a grand sum in a property, you are entitled to have all minor and major defects rectified if they are caused by the builder within your warranty period. VBA registered inspectors.

Contact Building Pest Inspections Melbourne on 0468 740 761 for new home inspections in Melbourne or to get an obligation-free advice and recommendation.

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