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Pre Purchase Building Inspections Melbourne

Pre Purchase Building Inspections Melbourne

So, after years of saving and searching, finally you’ve found a property that looks like your dream home! The same interiors, the same awesome exteriors you ever wanted. Very well- after all, we all deserve the luxury of having a safe haven of our own. But now, before signing the contract you’ve decided to get a pre purchase building inspection done as you wish to determine if the property you are falling for deserves your hard-earned bucks or is infected with certain unveiled aspects & risks.


Building and Pest Inspections​

All our pre purchase building inspections reports comply with the victorian building authority guidelines.

That’s a smart decision- your small investment of a property inspection has the potential to save your thousands of dollars. Buying homes and commercial premises is one of the biggest financial decisions we take in their lifetime, and messing it up is no less than a nightmare. Any property can have major/minor structural defects or pest infestation which when go undetected can hamper your peace of mind in the long-run. On confronting such instances, you will end up with no choice but splurge to get the repairs done and call professional pest exterminators to settle the chaos. But all this can be sidestepped if you choose to avail pre purchase property inspections in Melbourne. Property inspectors can help you save your thousands of dollars- they evaluate the overall condition of the property you are prepping to buy. They keenly observe multiple aspects of your potential purchase and provide a detailed home inspection report to help you make an informed decision.

What is the Importance of a Pre Purchase Building Inspection Report?

A pre purchase building inspections report is one of the most critical components on your ownership of the house and is invaluable asset in your decision to whether proceed with the purchase. These reports enlist all the factors that are worth your consideration before investing your years of saving. Illustrations and coloured photographs along with description of faults are provided in report, which clearly suggests whether or not the property is worth the big financial commitment.

Now when you understand the importance of pre purchase property inspections in Melbourne, the next step is to find a dependable firm that can cater to your pre purchase inspection needs. To find one, you can trust Google or move ahead with the suggestions coming from your friends and family. But do you realize that the pre purchase building industry in Victoria is not regulated and not many people do? Hence it becomes imperative that you do your due diligence before proceeding in hiring your inspector.

What Will Your Inspection Report Provide

Your pre purchase building inspections report is completed in accordance with Australian Standards 4349.1 and will identify all major and minor and defects found in property.

  • Report will cover all structural defects and the ones that might exist. It will report on over 1,000 relevant items throughout the house including drainage, plumbing, all internal areas of access and all external components of the property.
  • Report highlights the condition of all the stumps, footings, concrete slabs, roof tiling, guttering and downpipes, doors, windows, tiling and similar more.
  • If you have any particular concern about a section of the property, please advise the inspector so they can scrutinize and comment on those in a detailed manner.

Pre- Purchase Building Inspection in Melbourne

Building Pest Inspections Melbourne Providers of the Best Pre Purchase Property Inspections in Melbourne. You need to understand that the several firms are offering pre purchase inspection solutions- some companies deliver up to the mark services and rest are venal agencies that are all mouth and no trousers.


This explains you have to be very careful and go with a firm that is registered with the VBA and has the relevant insurance policies to provide you complete peace of mind. Also, always ask your inspector to do conduct a pest inspection especially for termites as the small added cost is well worth the security of knowing that no termites exist and again make sure that this inspection is conducted by a professional pest inspection company.


We at Building Pest Inspections  Melbourne offer top-notch pre purchase inspections in Melbourne and nearby regions. Our inspectors are registered with the VBA and have years of experience which empowers them to provide you with correct advice always. Their recommendations are unbiased and aid in making a wise decision. Also, we never provide information or advice to third parties- your information is safe with us.


To hire our pre-purchase inspection services, contact our team at 0468 740 761 and book an inspection today.

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