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With many places in Australia providing ideal conditions for termites, a timber pest inspection is a crucial component of every property sale. Repairing termite damage can be expensive, and it can jeopardize the building’s safety if the infestation is widespread. In simple terms, termites’ equal major safety hazards!

Timber Pest Inspections Always Include a Search for Termites

Pest inspections are visual examinations of the property’s accessible areas for signs of active termites and termite damage. Additionally, the building and pest inspector looks for termite-friendly conditions and determines whether or not a current termite management system exists.

Your inspector examines the inside and outside of the property, and accessible roof voids, roof cavities, and sub-floor sections. The results of the inspection are included in your pest report, which is sent to you via email the next morning, along with any termite treatment suggestions. Building inspections are conducted in compliance with Australian Standard 4349.3.

The team at building pest inspections Melbourne are all registered and with many years of experience .


Pest and Building Inspection: When Should You Watch out for Termites?

Termites might be the worst nightmare to a homeowner due to the considerable damage they can cause and the fact that termites can lower the value of your property.

Coptotermes termites, which may forage up to 50 meters from their nests and are drawn to moist wood on your property, are the termite species that cause intense building damage in Melbourne and often require pest control solutions following house inspections due to a termite infestation. Furthermore, Coptotermes often build nests at the base of a tree, but we’ve also discovered them in sub-floors with insufficient ventilation or poor drainage. Because our pest inspectors can see termites, it’s critical to keep the slab edge, sub-floor, and weep holes free of obstructions.

Termites Can Almost Always Find Their Way In

Termites, for example, can get access to a property by crawling up external walls, stumps, or via a weep hole in the slab edge. Vegetation should be cleared to facilitate visible inspection of the property’s whole external perimeter, as well as sub-floors around all stumps and the entire internal perimeter walls.


The Building and Pest Inspection Report

Following the inspection, the building inspector will give you a very detailed report that includes a description of the property, any issues discovered by the building inspector, the materials used in construction, and photographs of the areas that require your attention.

Within 24 hours of the inspection, clients receive their reports via email. Our comprehensive report is prepared in accordance with Australian Standards. Solicitors and real estate agents have no issues recognizing our building and pest reports.

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